Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Commercial Cost Controller Job Description

Commercial Cost Controller Job Description


  • Analyze margin by Business Unit (Product and Project)
  • Prepare forecast file by Business Unit
  • Working closely with Business Unit team to monitor and control actual performance compare to target set and last year performance
  • Analyze monthly P & L by Business Unit
  • Analyze delta price by Business Unit
  • Provide information for periodical Management report by Business Unit
  • Monitor Key Internal Control implementation for Commercial Controlling scope
  • Prepare and follow up non monthly corporate report (prior)
  • In charge for all material standard price, including the transfer price, incorporation price, CCV, standard freight and duty, purchase price variance, 
  • Setting the Internal Group (IG) selling price, setting the plan activity price, setting the plan TC IG man hour rate and measure the efficiency of Industrial Operation and set the mark up coefficient to Commercial.
  • Analyze the most accuracy approach in terms of the cost allocation to each operation activity.


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