Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jobdesk Contract Engineer

Jobdesk Contract Engineer


  1. • Develop and analyze subcontract documentation (interpretation of contract scope and terms and conditions)
  2. • Provide advice and seek counsel on contractual, commercial, taxation, insurance and legal issues
  3. • Coordinate subcontracts development, compilation, sourcing, pre-tenders, invitation to tender, evaluations of proposals received including requests for qualifications
  4. • Post award coordination of Subcontract Variations, including evaluation of Subcontractor claims and defending claims from Subcontractors
  5. • Participate in Subcontract audits, reviewing records for accuracy and conformance to standards.


• Bachelor Degree in Engineering any discipline
• Minimum 10 years professional experience, 5 years Project Contracts experience in EPC projects will be an advantage
• Certified BP Migas PTK 007 Rev-2 Certification in Supply Chain Management.
• Experience in contract formulation activities, systems and processes coupled with working knowledge of engineering, fabrication and construction practices


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