Thursday, November 10, 2011

Job Description Tax Accountant ( Akuntan Pajak )

Job Description Tax Accountant ( Akuntan Pajak )

Tax Accountant Job Description :

- Prepares federal, state, or local tax returns of individual, business establishment, or other organization.

- Examines accounts and records and computes taxes owed according to prescribed rates, laws, and regulations, using computer.

- Advises management regarding effects of business activities on taxes, and on strategies for minimizing tax liability.

- Ensures that establishment complies with periodic tax payment, information reporting, and other taxing authority requirements.

- Represents principal before taxing bodies.

- May devise and install tax record systems.

- May specialize in various aspects of tax accounting, such as tax laws applied to particular industry, or in individual, fiduciary, or partnership income tax preparation. .

source : jobdescriptionsandduties


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