Monday, November 7, 2011

Job Description of Finance and Tax Specialist

Job Description of  Finance and Tax Specialist  ( The Job Description of a Finance Specialist )

Position           : Finance and Tax Specialist

Report to         : Director / Finance Manager


Male/ Female

- Minimum S1 with 5 years experience in similar field
- High dependability, trusted, and good leadership and interpersonal skill
- Good English literacy and General Computer Skill
- Good knowledge in Accounting & Finance Operation such as accounting management, corporate cash management, and taxation.


- Oversee the current operation of financial reporting, investment activities, and implement cash management strategies to suit the government regulation

Scope              :

-Monitoring and control the compliance of financial related activities

Responsibility The Job Description of  Finance and Tax Specialist  :

- Review and update financial related procedures according to J-Sox requirement and government regulation
- Monitor and control compliance of the process according to the procedures
- Make projections to determine anticipation action when new regulation or J-Sox requirement changes
- Act as whistle blower to the possible compliance impact from the existing operation or from the new government regulation and J-Sox requirement
- Manage the company tax circulation and reports
- Perform data analysis and conduct periodical audit (internal audit)
- Update and socialize information of special tax laws and regulations change
- Perform annual tax refund activities and manage tax audit activities
- The Job Description of  Finance and Tax Specialist

Authority        :
Change procedure and operation related to financial activities
Negotiation with tax auditor on behalf of the company


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